Multi Word Verbs


Phrasal Verbs

Please select the best answer for each of the questions below:


1 - We were hoping for a big attendance at the Show but the rail strike and the snow meant most people decided to ______ away.

a - stay
b - plug
c - wear
d - hammer

2 - They were interested in buying a stake in the company but when they heard the police were investigating financial irregularities they decided to ______ away from the deal.

a - strip
b - back
c - idle
d - give

3 - They were left out in the open with no protection, got wet and ______ away.

a - hammered
b - plugged
c - idled
d - rotted

4 - After a nice meal at his place, we ______ away the table and began to work seriously.

a - stayed
b - rotted
c - cleared
d - scared

5 - I'm afraid Mr Smith cannot see you today. He has been ______ away on urgent business.

a - walked
b - scared
c - stayed
d - called

6 - Your brakes have almost completely ______ away. If you don't get them fixed, you'll have a serious accident.

a - stayed
b - hammered
c - idled
d - worn

7 - I was very pleased when I visited your office. Everybody was ______ away at their work really hard. You really know how to motivate people.

a - plugging
b - backing
c - rotting
d - hammering

8 - The unions in the company are very aggressive and that has ______ away potential buyers.

a - hammered
b - stripped
c - worn
d - scared

9 - We'd offered him the job and we thought he had accepted but at the last minute he was ______ away from us by one of our competitors.

a - backed
b - lured
c - worn
d - plugged

10 - The research unit is well protected by security guards whose job is to ______ away unwanted visitors.

a - back
b - strip
c - keep
d - wear

11 - The company is trying to ______ away from traditional engineering products and into consumer goods.

a - plug
b - move
c - strip
d - rot

12 - He did mention this problem but it was ______ away in the middle of a long paragraph at the bottom of page eight.

a - buried
b - hammered
c - backed
d - worn

13 - Nobody wants to buy these. I doubt if we could even ______ them away!

a - give
b - rot
c - back
d - strip

14 - I don't know if we'll ever use it again. I'm reluctant to ______ it away if we might need it again.

a - walk
b - throw
c - wear
d - scare

15 - Unless you improve your offer dramatically, we are going to ______ away from these negotiations.

a - scare
b - wear
c - give
d - walk

16 - Don't worry about the plans. I've got them ______ away in my safe.

a - backed
b - plugged
c - locked
d - rotted

17 - He was left with no real work to do for his last 3 months with the company and just ______ away the days in his office, phoning friends and playing games on his computer.

a - backed
b - walked
c - scared
d - idled

18 - It looks solid from the outside but when you ______ away the outer coating you can see it is in fact hollow on the inside.

a - strip
b - give
c - idle
d - stay

19 - I anticipated a shortage of this product so I ______ some away for an emergency.

a - stashed
b - gave
c - walked
d - rotted

20 - I'm not very good at working with computers but I continue to ______ away at it until I get it right.

a - walk
b - stay
c - wear
d - plug
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